fall garden clean-up

Winter will (officially) be here before you know it, and although most of us would love to shut the doors and ride out the chilly weather until March, this would be a mistake. If you want a healthy and beautiful backyard come springtime, you’ll need to take a few extra steps now.  Below are just ten winter backyard clean-up tips to prepare for the cooler temperatures. If you don’t have the time (or desire) to take care of any of these chores, take advantage of Fast Haul’s backyard clean-up and gardening services:

1. Debris Removal

No one wants pests in their backyard and debris left out is the perfect nesting spot for unwelcome creatures.  Rake and dispose of leaves as well as fallen branches or any other debris that you’ve allowed to collect in your backyard over the past year.

2. Till Vegetable Gardens

Few vegetable gardens are going to provide a harvest in the winter months.  In most areas, you’ll want to till the plot so that it is ready for a new planting in the spring.  If you compost, now is the time to add a layer to nurture your soil over the coming months.

3.  Cut Back Perennials

If your gardens have perennials, now is the time to cut them back and divide them among your other gardens, which can save you both time and money in the spring.  If you have fall perennials that are doing well, you can wait to divide these when you tend to your gardens in the spring.

4. Plant New Shrubs & Fall Plants

Do you typically add new plants or shrubs in the fall?  This is the time to add spring bulbs such as hyacinth.  You can even plant some fall annuals such as pansies to keep color in your gardens through the cooler months.

5. Trim Branches

Low branches can be dangerous when there is heavy rain or high winds.  Take a look at the branches in your backyard and either trim them yourself or hire us to do this for you.  If any branches are close to power lines, don’t risk going near them.  Call your local power company and ask them to pay you a visit. This is an essential component of Winter backyard clean-up.

6. Empty Hoses and Fountains

If you have fountains in your yard, you might want to empty them if there is even a remote risk of freezing.  Particularly if they are electric, cold temperatures can damage hoses and aerators.  You should also empty your garden hoses and store them away for the winter.

7. Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn before winter time hits is always a good idea.  Giving your grass some additional nutrients to encourage root growth will ensure that you have a healthy lawn in the springtime.

8. Power Wash the Deck

If you have a deck or pavers in your backyard, you can prevent mildew with an annual power wash.  If you don’t own a power washer, you can usually rent one from a garden store.  Decks should be periodically stained for additional protection.

9. Mow the Lawn

Give your lawn one last mow, cutting it a bit shorter than normal.  This will allow your grass to get as much oxygen as possible in the coming months.

10. Clean and Store Everything

Before you shut the doors and light the fireplace, be sure to clean and store away all of your garden tools and backyard furniture.  Run the gas of out the lawnmower before storage, grease tools, and wipe down furniture and toys to prevent mold and mildew.  You’ll be glad that you took these extra backyard clean-up steps come springtime.