Our Junk hauling truck in Albany

Our Junk hauling truck in Albany

The city of Albany California, facing the San Francisco Bay, is nestled between the cities of Berkeley to the south and east, and El Cerrito and Richmond to the north. The town was once a dumping ground for Berkeley residents, who would pull up in wagons to unload their bulk garbage at what is now the corner of San Pablo and Buchanan Streets. However, in 1908 that came to an abrupt halt, when two local women who’d had enough of being the “dump” of Berkeley, confronted drivers at the well-known dumping spot and demanded, shotguns and rifles in hand, that they cease and desist their activities. Shortly after that, the town incorporated, and has become an idyllic community, with a charm of its own.

Today, the town’s 18,539 residents enjoy a mild climate year-round, with only 24 inches of rain per year and 262 sunny days each year (on average). Aside from “Albany Hill, the town is mostly flat. Albany has a link with the arts, evidenced by the former art colony and shanty town known as “the Albany Bulb”, with its rogue art collages, and its annual Solano Stroll, which attracts more than 250,000 visitors each second Sunday of September. Source: Albany City Website

In keeping with the town’s feisty beginnings, the town initiated several new measures to curb landfill waste in 2011, with the goal of achieving “zero waste” (90% diversion from the landfill). So far, Albany has surpassed the Alameda County goal of a 75% diversion rate by the year 2010 (currently it has a waste diversion rate of 83%). Several items cannot be recycled, composted, or put in normal collection bins by Albany residents. Bulky objects can only be collected once a year and household hazardous waste (HHW) materials (paints, fertilizers, pesticides, propane tanks and cleaners) cannot be disposed of in trash, recycling or organics carts. Additionally, the bulk object collection only applies to single-family residences, not apartments. E-waste is also collected only once a year in May.

If you have bulky objects such as bed frames, appliances, doors, old fixtures, live in the Albany area, and you have an urgent need to remove an old refrigerator, unwanted electronics, discarded furniture, or other items not suitable for standard trash or recycling pick-up, contact Fast Haul as we provide the following services:

Residential Junk Removal and Trash Hauling in Albany

Fast Haul comes to your home and removes all your junk; With your guidance, our hauling junk removal experts will separate out the trash and haul it away. We’ll even clean up after we’re done!

Commercial Junk Removal and Trash Hauling in Albany

Because Fast Haul recycles most of the garbage we haul, your trash will be dealt with in a clean sustainable way. Fast Haul regularly works with local real estate companies, schools, property management companies, and government agencies as well as non-profit organizations.

Electronic Waste Hauling in Albany

Nowadays, electronic waste, or e-waste, is a huge percentage of America’s waste stream, especially in such a tech-oriented place as the San Francisco Bay Area. Fast Haul recycle all of your unwanted junk, including electronic waste such as TVs, computers, VCRs, DVD players, copy and fax machines, cell phones and most items containing circuit boards and electronic elements.

We offer our hauling and junk removal services to Albany and the entire San Francisco Bay Area! Not sure if we serve your area? Check out all of our Areas of service


  • Mattresses & sofa hauling
  • Office furniture, cubicles & equipment hauling
  • Hot tub & spa removal & hauling
  • Swimming pool removal & hauling
  • Large equipment hauling
  • Yard waste hauling & cleanup
  • Earthquake damage clean up & hauling
  • Fire damage clean up & hauling
  • Flood damage clean up & hauling
  • Dirt & concrete removal & hauling


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Because Fast Haul recycles most of what we remove or haul, your debris or unwanted appliances will be dealt with in a clean, sustainable way.

All of the paper, metal and recyclable items go to the recycle/reuse centers and all of the box debris goes to an approved transfer station for sorting and recycling; we truly are an environment friendly company helping keep the waters of the Bay Area clean! We specialize in Green hauling services.


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