Ask anyone in the Real Estate business, whether it’s a commercial developer or a rental property owner, and they will tell you it’s a tough, stressful job. There are a ton of moving parts, like building permits, tax paperwork, lease agreements, etc. and they all require the utmost attention.

Landlords, banks, and property management companies call us in all the time to help them with property cleanups. Sometimes tenants and businesses will leave behind a mountain of junk in the back yard or in the house/office and with so much on their plate, property managers trust us to make all that junk and clutter disappear!

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Like our other services, we conduct property cleanups in the most environmentally friendly way possible. When it comes to the junk we haul from a property cleanup job, at least half is reused and recycled. We do our very best to contribute as little as possible to landfills. It doesn’t matter if its household junk or yard trimmings, everything is disposed of responsibly.

Not only can we haul away the junk, but we also have professional gardeners on staff ready to tidy up any landscaping impacted by the clutter. We have dealt with hundreds of different properties that all presented unique challenges, including foreclosed homes, warehouses, rental properties, and vacant lots of all shapes and sizes. Regardless, we make it a point to leave the property looking better then ever, even if it means going above and beyond.

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  • Recycle trash
  • E-waste recycling
  • Drywall
  • Rototilling
  • Yard hauling
  • Lot cleaning
  • Construction debris cleanup
  • Drainage
  • Interlocking pavement
  • Deck repairs
  • Construction site cleanup

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We receive many phone calls every day from valuable customers who are looking for junk removal quotes. We always do our best to give our customers quotes on the phone. However, the most accurate way to get a junk removal price is to have a Fast Haul driver come to your home or business for a free estimate. We are always happy to provide these free estimates for you!

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Since our founding in 1993, Fast Haul has always had a Green Business philosophy.

As one of the Bay Areas oldest junk removal & trash hauling companies, practicing recycling, re-use, and donation comes naturally. It makes our customers feel good as well as keeping costs down and reducing our landfills and dumps. We specialize in Green hauling services.


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