Lets face it: During the household cleanup process, the one area most often overlooked is the garage. In fact, most of the junk that we take out of our house ends up in the garage! The reality is that that the garage tends to attract a bulk of our junk, and can slowly pile up until it is an unmanageable mess. This is why we get tons of calls from homeowners looking for a complete garage cleanout or partial garage cleaning services.

Over the years, we have come across a ton of different reasons why a garage cleanout was necessary. We have helped rental property owners deal with the junk left behind by tenants, new owners looking to clear out a foreclosure purchase, and people looking to simply downsize the amount of stuff they have. Either way, Fast Haul has the tools to help you clean out your garage quickly and efficiently.

We can haul away whatever you have clogging up your garage, including old furniture, construction debris, broken appliances, playground equipment, and everything in-between. Fast Haul’s garage cleanout service means we come to your property, with our own dumpsters and manpower in tow, and work tirelessly until your junk problem is no problem at all. We also guarantee that everything that ends up in our dumpsters is disposed of safely, legally, and in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Have a junk problem outside of the garage? Do not hesitate to call! While garage cleaning services are a big part of our business, Fast Haul is ready to tackle the toughest cleanouts in any part of your home. Call or schedule an appointment with us today and ask us how we can downsize the junk in your life!


  • Recycle trash
  • E-waste recycling
  • Drywall
  • Rototilling
  • Yard hauling
  • Lot cleaning
  • Construction debris cleanup
  • Drainage
  • Interlocking pavement
  • Deck repairs
  • Construction site cleanup

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We receive many phone calls every day from valuable customers who are looking for junk removal quotes. We always do our best to give our customers quotes on the phone. However, the most accurate way to get a junk removal price is to have a Fast Haul driver come to your home or business for a free estimate. We are always happy to provide these free estimates for you!

Note: All Fast Haul phone quotes are estimates only!


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The easiest way to hire the number 1 garage clear-out company in the San Francisco Bay Area is to schedule an appointment online. In fact, not only it is easy, but a Fast Haul representative will come out to your job site to do a free estimate.

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Since our founding in 1993, Fast Haul has always had a Green Business philosophy.

As one of the Bay Areas oldest junk removal & trash hauling companies, practicing recycling, re-use, and donation comes naturally. It makes our customers feel good as well as keeping costs down and reducing our landfills and dumps. We specialize in Green hauling services.


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