Fast Haul serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area, but I live in the El Cerrito region, so I was thrilled to learn that the new El Cerrito Recycling Center and Environmental Resource Center is almost completed!
The 41 year-old Center been under design and construction for over a year and a half but this new facility is set to open any time soon, with a Grand Opening planned in April 2012.
Among other things, the Center will provide expanded collection and exchange of reusable items and hard to recycle materials. It will also offer improved circulation, pedestrian access and easy to access public information about recycling, re-using and other environmentally responsible practices.  The Center is equipped with solar panels that will provide about half of its energy needs and a rainwater-collection system that will be used to operate its toilets, irrigate landscaping and wash its trucks.
This is definitely good news for us here at Fast Haul and we are looking for more of this type of Centers to open throughout the Bay Area.

The new El Cerrito Recycling Center