Here at Fast Haul, we’re always curious about new and greener ways of using existing technology and resources. Take a look at our recent blog posts discussing reduction and reuse.
Ways of sustainable living are always changing. Luckily in San Francisco there are many green events and gatherings to promote, celebrate, and learn more about adopting a greener lifestyle. This week, I want to take a moment to highlight one of these events that we find particularly exciting — the Bicycle Music Festival, which we attended this past weekend.

This annual festival is a highlight of what can be done with pedal power. It is beginning to serve as a model for other pedal-powered festivals around the world. And BMF is in its 6th successful year!
The entire show is powered by a bank of pedallers. They have the chance to sit on a bike and enjoy the festivities while providing the power for a live concert. Throughout the day, they are rewarded with treats for continuing to power the event. These include pedal-powered smoothies and ice cream. It’s a win-win!
The BMF also boasts a live-on-bike performance. Midway through the day, the entire festival is packed onto bicycles and makes its way across town. There is a stage on one large bike where performers are able to entertain crowds as festival-goers ride alongside.
This festival is run by volunteers and totally free. Festival-goers bring tips for the bands and money to donate to the non-profit festival. There’s no price of admission, so it’s easy to swing through and enjoy some tunes.

We like attending the Bicycle Music Festival to talk about sustainability efforts with the organizers and volunteers. We’ve found that they are a great group of people who have insights on a future of green transportation.
Hope to see you there next year!