Recycling at Marin Sanitary Service. Credit: Lori Tompkins

On Feb. 4, 2013, the San Rafael Council approved an additional added cost of 55 cents to their recycling rates. Households will incur a monthly cost of $29.56 to their 32 gallon trash receptacles, a 1.89% increase. The city council justified the rising rates due to a number of factors including employee’s salary, materials cost, fuel costs, everyday expenditure and landfill fees such as tipping.

From this mandate, the city of San Rafael will receive approximately $443,600 each year in which it will be used to subsidize street paving and resurfacing as well as hiring a consultant to explore alternative rate structures in green waste recycling and composting. Residents will see the benefits of the increased recycling rates over the years in not only their city’s infrastructures but the environment as well.

Fast Haul supports the San Rafael city council’s commitment to positive environmental practices such as recycling.  Fast Haul also offers green hauling in the city of San Rafael at reasonable rates with superior services.  For large items such as old appliances or electronics components (that can contain hazardous materials), local trash removal bins are not an option for disposing of them, and Fast Haul is a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to remove your trash or junk in San Rafael.