Earth Day is coming up in just ten days on Monday, April 22nd, 2013.  2013 will mark the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, a global effort through which individuals and communities from around the world come together to help find solutions for man-made issues such as climate change.  As a “green” junk hauling company that makes every effort to recycle as high a percentage as possible of the trash and unwanted items we pick-up, we decided that it would be a fun exercise to create an infographic in honor of Earth Day 2013.

In the following infographic, we’ve highlighted 8 different examples of ways that “trash” can be turned into “treasure” by exercising just a bit of creativity.  For example, you can turn a few dozen old chopsticks into a very cool and modern looking fruit basket. Old bicycle chains can transform into an ultra-unique bottle opener that any hipster would be clamoring for.  Or take the bottom half of an old suitcase and line in with some bedding to allow your canine companion to start snoozing in style!

We hope you enjoy this infographic and come away half as inspired as we did throughout the course of researching and designing it. If you’d like to add this graphic to y our own website or blog, please use the embed code located below the bottom of the infographic…

trash into treasure infographic

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