seal of the city of petalumaIn the city of Petaluma, most residents are unaware of where their trash goes to. According to Rob Repetto, route manager at Petaluma Refuse and Recycling, details the process of how trash is picked up to where it is disposed or recycled.

Petaluma produces approximately 50,000 tons of trash and recyclables each year. Petaluma trash goes through a simple recycling process in which it is hauled away to decompose at the local Redwood landfill. Petaluma recyclables however, takes a longer process. The recyclables are first stored at a warehouse located on Petaluma Boulevard South to be eventually hauled and shipped to Santa Rosa sorting facility. After the recyclables are sorted into glass, plastic, metal and paper categories they are then sold to companies in the U.S. and from around the world. Petaluma also accrues organic waste in which Petaluma Refuse and Recycling will collect and haul away to the Central Sonoma County Landfill.

Repetto say their slip-body trucks, which allows them to carry garbage and recyclables in separate compartments, have made collecting and hauling trash more efficient and faster as about one truck can cover over 800 residence a day.

Fast Haul also provides fast and professional junk removal and hauling in the city of Petaluma. As well, Fast Haul dispose, sort and recycle their trash collections in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. Our staff members will happily inform customers on where their trash to heading and how it will be properly disposed.