As a GREEN junk hauling company, we make every effort to recycle as high of a percentage of the junk, dirt, concrete, and electronics that we pick up as possible. Additionally, we try to provide regular updates to our readers and customers about issues affecting the hauling industry and the local environment through this blog.  One hot button issue we read a lot about these days is the effect of plastic water bottles on the environment.  The bottled water industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades, as companies are cashing in on the desire of consumers to be healthy by drinking water, and the general distrust of tap water in many areas.  The downside of bottled water is that it creates a huge amount of waste in our landfills and our environment.

We recently received an email from a Mike Thomas inviting us to share this infographic on the very subject of Bottled Water and the Environment. We hope you enjoy and find it interesting:

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