Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, an architect, a landscape designer, or even someone simply looking for garden layout ideas, the following are five recent gardening trends that might interest you. Have a look.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is all the rage these days. In fact, ‘rage’ might be too small of  a word to describe how popular vertical gardening is getting these days. Not only gardening enthusiasts, but literally anyone and everyone wants a vertical garden! A new and exciting style of gardening, vertical gardens are rapidly popping up across the globe in the form of home gardens, public art, or as a green cover for civic and residential buildings. From tropical plants to succulents, to fully functional herb or veggie gardens, the possibilities are endless when it comes to vertical gardening. This type of gardening is a great way to increase your growing space, and apart from that, it also offsets a space’s carbon footprint and at the same time it looks aesthetically pleasing!

Rooftop Gardening

The concept of growing greenery on roofs is also consistently catching up with other gardening trends. Whether you decorate your roof with potted plants, grow a complete patch of vegetation, or even if you grow a lush green lawn on your roof, there is no limit to the ideas and creativity that can be applied to rooftop gardening.  Many modern households and residential building these days prefer going for green roofs which have endless environmental and economic benefits. A roof garden covering the entire roof of a building reduces the effect of the heat and in turn keeps the heating and air conditioning costs down, helping you save up on electricity. Besides, a green roof absorbs air pollution, filters the air, balances the carbon footprint, blocks noise pollution, attracts birds, and even provides better insulation to the building. So if you’re looking to add some beauty to your outdoor living space and make your living healthy, eco-friendly, and sustainable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider investing in a beautiful rooftop garden.

Self-sustaining edible garden

Another trend that is quickly catching up is “homesteading” or growing an edible garden in an effort to be truly self-sustaining, and to grow more in less space, while at the same time trying to use less water. Gardening enthusiasts everywhere are now looking to grow their own vegetables or herbs since this empowers them at live a healthy lifestyle at an affordable cost, while being self-sufficient and self-reliant at the same time. You could start your edible garden by growing fresh herbs – you could grow them in cute little pots on your windowsill or even outside your kitchen wherever there is sufficient sunlight. If space permits, you can even go on to grow vegetables, nuts, fruits, and spices. Growing an edible garden is a deeply satisfying experience that’s results into healthy living.

Permeable Pavers

Off late, gardening lovers everywhere have been paying a lot of attention to permeable pavers, not only for their pleasant aesthetic appearance, but also for the purpose that they fulfill. With traditional paving, most of the storm water that falls on the paving either runs onto the street, or into the drain or yard. However, when it comes to permeable paving, the paver allows the movement of storm water through the joints on its surface back into the earth or into the base system, thereby reducing runoff. With this you are not only preventing landscape erosion, but you’re also reducing the leaching of any contaminants. What’s more, permeable pavers look good too –a perfect combination of good aesthetics and an efficient storm water management system.

One-color gardening trend

Another trend that is slowing catching the attention of gardening enthusiasts and landscape designers everywhere is one-color gardening.  Using a single color or different shades of the same color can bring a type of soothing unity to planting, while at the same time adding a brightening influence. Moreover, an arrangement composed around a single color highlights the elegance of your garden. Whether you go for cool whites, or a hot scheme of oranges or reds, or blend in some light pastel shades, or even if you go for shades of lavender, blues, and purples, a mono-colored planting scheme is bound to give your garden a unique yet stylish and appealing look!

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This post was written and provided by, John Walters, an employee at WaterGarden Warehouse, a company that offers a variety of garden pots. Painting and decorating his own space are a few of his favorite things to do. To know more about his work, click here.