At Fast Haul, we are passionate when it comes to making our planet a better, cleaner place to live, which is why we dedicate our time to hauling off junk and making sure that it’s disposed of or recycled properly.  We’re not alone when it comes to having this passion for caring for Earth.  Tesla is one of the big names in the eco-friendly game nowadays; with their completely electric car taking the world by storm and revolutionizing the way people travel.  Just recently, they’ve decided to take the next step in eco-friendly lifestyle, shifting focus from your garage into the rest of your home.

Unveiling the Powerwall

With the goal of lessening the world’s dependency on oil and gas, Elon Musk revealed what he referred to as the “Powerwall” home battery.   At only 6 inches thick and easily mountable to a wall, it can store up to 10 kilowatt-hours (with a smaller 7 kilowatt-hour model) of electricity generated from solar panels and provide power for your home when you need it.  The battery itself looks very sleek and modern, consistent with the aesthetic of the Tesla vehicles, and utilized a similar lithium ion battery for energy storage.

How It Will Change Lives

Tesla MotorsWhile the average home electricity usage is greater in the morning and evening, the peak of solar energy generation is right in middle of the day.  Without a home battery, all of the energy that is being generated has nowhere to go, and usually is sold to power companies that can be bought and used later.

The Powerwall will allow people to store that energy and save it for exactly when they need it, whether it’s during their peak of energy usage in the evening, or even during emergencies if the power grid goes down.  It is also built to require little to no maintenance since it is completely automated.  Even the price point of $3000 – $3500 makes it more accessible to the average home.

Keep Going Green

Whether you upgrade to an electric car, use solar energy to power your home, or just making sure that your junk is recycled properly with Fast Haul, every little action can make a huge difference in the fight for a cleaner world.