fast-haulMost of us are environmentally conscious and take pains to segregate our garbage and do whatever else we can do to protect our planet. Having a green home is great, but is it really enough? Does our responsibility end when we put the trash out for collection?It’s our trash and we have a duty to ensure that it is disposed of properly, not just removed from our homes. There are a number of Illegal and non-licensed trash haulers, not just in the Bay Area, but all over the country. All they want to do is get the trash away from your home so they can bill you. What happens to the trash is a big question. It often gets dumped at the first place the haulers come across, no matter where it is. Did you know that hazardous paints and chemicals that are being dumped into landfills are polluting the Bay water and posing a threat to not just the marine life but the whole environment? Being really green does not mean that we have to spend half our days visiting trash dumps, junkyards and recycling yards to do our bit. There is a much easier and far more effective way –Green Haulage.

It Is a Win-Win

Depending on the trash disposal site used, dumping charges in the Bay Area range from $75 to $135 per ton. Recyclable materials can be sold instead of being dumped and a good Green Haulage company will share this income with you, lowering your trash disposal costs. Financially, everyone wins. The reduced amount of trash being dumped means that landfills and disposal sites have a longer life. The frequency at which new sites have to be created is reduced, thereby preserving more space for us to live, work and play in.

It Is Safe

A large number of household items ranging from batteries to cell phones and computers contain highly toxic substances like cadmium, lead and mercury. These need specialized disposal to prevent the chemicals from leaching out and polluting the surrounding land. There are specialized disposal sites for this, but it is only a professional Green Haulage company that will use them to ensure that safe and proper disposal is done. The best ones will not even charge their clients extra for handling these hazardous materials.

The Importance of Using the Right Company

Your trash is your responsibility and you need a haulage service that will do the job reliably and dependably. That means it must work 7 days a week and have a variety of vehicles and other equipment to handle different loads and types of waste materials. It should maximize the amount of material that is recycled. It should be known for creating strong client relationships that are built on trust and dependability.

If you want to be a really good green citizen, check out the trash hauling company you use. Make sure it trulyembraces the green philosophy and has a proven track record of outstanding service. Ask for details of the operation and specifics on how and where different types of trash is disposed of. Trust a company that gives you clear and direct answers and stay away from those who cannot give you specifics.