It’s a common misconception that only people selling their home need to feel concerned with curb appeal. The realtor’s term means how a home appears from street-level to someone walking or driving by it. However, having attractive curb appeal is beneficial for homeowners even if they have no intention of selling anytime soon. It’s a welcome sight at the end of a long day at work and it makes for better relationships with neighbors as well. Here are some simple things all homeowners can do to improve the curb appeal of their home:

  • Take care of yard clean-up: Mow and edge the lawn, trim trees and bushes, weed overgrown flowerbeds, and apply a new layer of mulch every spring.
  • Improve lighting: Replace any dead or broken bulbs, replace corroded or otherwise damaged light fixtures, clean glass panels and shades, and dust off any cobwebs.
  • Clean regularly: Pick up debris, sweep the sidewalk and steps, pressure wash siding, and clean all windows.
  • Make frequent repairs: This could include repainting the front door, resurfacing the driveway, replacing a damaged mailbox, or adding a coat of paint trim to the house.

By keeping up with these basic chores, homeowners will have continually good curb appeal and won’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of doing everything at once.

Good Curb Appeal Helps to Detract Criminals

When a home’s trees and bushes become overgrown, it makes an ideal place for criminals to hide. If a neighbor can’t see the windows, they won’t be able to spot a burglar trying to case the home either. Trees and bushes should be no taller than three feet high since this allows the homeowner and possibly the neighbors to see a potential burglar. Any entrance to the home should contain bright lighting for a further deterrent. Lastly, homeowners should consider placing gravel around the windows that makes a loud crunching sound when someone steps on it. This will alert them that someone could be trying to break in.

Strategically Placed Trees Can Help Homeowners Save Energy

Besides offering better curb appeal, trees and shrubs can also help to block wind and sun. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, planting trees on the east, northwest, and west of the property provides natural protection from the sun and cuts down on cooling costs. Homeowners just need to be careful to trim trees and shrubs so they don’t block the window view, cover solar panels, or cover an air conditioning unit.

Improves Property Value Over Time

Buying a home is the biggest investment that most people make in their lifetime. It just makes sense to keep it looking and functioning well. An attractive view from the street increases property value, even for homeowners not planning to move. The increase in property value can extend to the rest of the neighborhood as well. Keeping the property well-maintained already improves neighbor relationships, so increased value street-wide will only add to the sense of goodwill.