Dear Customers,

We hope that all you, your families and friends are safe and healthy during these uncertain times we are currently living in. Here at Fast Haul, the welfare and safety of both of employees and customers is of the utmost importance. Therefore we have instituted a number of policies and guidelines for operation during the current shelter-in-place order.

Social Distancing and Safety Precautions

In order to minimize any risk of unnecessary exposure, our employees now wear masks at all times.

Additionally, we recommend that whenever possible, customers move their items to be hauled outside of their home or building, or as close to the front entrance as possible. Not only does this reduce person-to-person contact indoors, but it also may result in a lower cost for your haul due to the easier access.

Finally, when our employees do meet with customers or have to enter homes or businesses to retrieve junk items, they adhere to 6-foot distancing guidelines and wear gloves at all times.

Junk Hauling as an Essential Business

Trash and junk removal is an essential business without question. In many instances, the failure to dispose of unwanted junk can be a sanitary issue or a fire code violation. With many local municipalities suspending bulky and large item pick up, private hauling services are one of the few remaining options for those in need.

The State of California recently listed haulers who transport waste materials among the professions deemed to be “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers”.  The full document is available here.

We’re All in This Together

As the Bay Area hunkers down for a while longer, and as we work to collectively “bend the curve” and hopefully reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our communities, it’s important the we all help each other. Our staff is committed to helping our customers responsibly and safely dispose or unwanted or even dangerous junk in their homes. Contact us online to schedule a free quote or call us at 1.800.919.HAUL.