The Autumn season may be the last thing on the minds of homeowners while Summer’s sun shines bright. However, it’s not too early to start preparing the inside and outside of the home for Fall. Below are several tips for homeowners to make the seasonal shift as efficiently as possible with an end-of-Summer clean-up.

Change the Air Conditioning Filter and Arrange for Preventive Maintenance

HVAC manufacturers recommend that homeowners replace the filter in their air conditioner and heating system approximately every three months or at the start of each new season. Air filters trap dust particles, dirt, and other debris that can cause the unit to perform poorly. Leaving an air filter in place for longer than three months increases the likelihood of higher energy bills, less circulation of cool air, the need for repairs, and having to replace the HVAC system prematurely.

Arranging for preventive maintenance in the early Spring and Fall each year is also a good idea. This ensures that the unit is prepared to meet cooling or heating demands for the season ahead. Regular preventive maintenance can also save homeowners considerable money because service technicians can find and fix issues before a major breakdown occurs.

Clean Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture such as lounge chairs can take a beating from exposure to the hot sun, severe weather conditions, insects, tree sap, and more. While outdoor furniture may not need to go into storage depending on the climate, late Summer is the ideal time to wash it down and scrub stains. Chair cushions also need cleaning, but people should check the care instructions on the tag to ensure they use the correct method. Furniture covers should go over any piece not going into storage at the end of summer.

Put Seasonal Clothing into Temporary Storage

Opening the closet door only to find a row of short-sleeved shirts on a crisp, cool day can be frustrating. Searching for the right clothes causes people to run behind schedule. Sorting through Summer clothes and replacing them with long-sleeved shirts and pants for Fall and Winter is the best way to avoid this.

The seasonal clothing switch is also a great time to donate any Summer clothes or cooler weather clothes from last year that no one in the home will wear anymore. Donating old clothing is a simple way to free up more room for new and seasonally appropriate clothes.

Clean the Lawnmower and Drain the Fuel

Even in warm climates, grass doesn’t grow as much in the Fall and Winter. Homeowners may not need to mow at all from early Fall to early Spring. That is why it’s important to clean and store the lawnmower the right way.

Running a hose over the lawnmower can help to loosen caked-in grass from the wheels and blades. Washing the handles and exterior of the lawnmower with soap and water also removes dirt and stains. It’s especially important for homeowners to remove any unused fuel.  Fuel should be discarded or stored according to city or county regulations.

End-of-Summer Garage Clean-Up

Before moving Summer furniture, clothes, swim toys, and other equipment into the garage for the Winter, take advantage of the dry weather to do an end-of-Summer clean-up for the garage. Sweep up, clear cobwebs, wipe down shelves, and give the space a good cleaning. Look for items that can be donated or taken to the dump. And consider rotating boxes of seasonal supplies. Then come Halloween or Christmas-time, you won’t spend hours searching for the right seasonal decorations.

Each season brings new experiences to enjoy. Getting these late summer chores out of the way early allows homeowners to appreciate Autumn in all its glory.