Showbiz dreams don’t usually include “I want to collect a lot of crazy stuff.” Being rich and famous typically conjures visions of fast cars, fancy clothes and big houses, especially the ones where parties are always going on. Or at least that’s the impression those of us looking in from the outside. Nobody ever dreams of becoming a celebrity hoarder.

Interestingly, with some exceptions, most celebrity homes aren’t that different from ours – they just have more square footage and are found in prime real estate areas, which allows them more rooms along with occasional extras like a yoga studio, personal bowling alleys or maybe a wine cave, like Oprah has in Colorado.

The real difference is what people put in their extra space. This could be places for roommates, family members or entourages. But it also could be an opportunity for them to indulge some of their passions.

  • Maybe a room for music and for art?
  • Perhaps a room for video games?
  • Maybe a place to display a favorite collection of toys or movie memorabilia?
  • Who likes hats? Line the wall with hundreds of your favorites, in terms of style, color, origin, etc.

The following are some of the interesting items that A-listers and B-listers are known to acquire and display. Sure, they’re just like us – but they also have the means to hoard more.

No room for clutter? No problem! How about another movie to pay for another house? Here’s a few of the most wild and eclectic celebrity hoarder stories:

A Sea of Shoes

Supermodel Heidi Klum confesses to having at least 2,000 pairs, acquired from a combination of fashion shoots over the last 20 years along with her own shopping excursions and encounters with designers. Naturally, she often needed the right shoe to go with a cool designer handbag, which means she has thousands of these too. She says the shoes are all in the basement, with a photo guide.

Some sports shoe collectors are proud of their efforts, including NBA player P.J. Tucker, who has more than 110 pairs of sneakers that he takes on the road, and another 5,000 that he has at home in a sneaker loft.

Bones & Barbie Dolls

The late Michael Jackson may or not have fit the definition of a hoarder, but definitely had the resources to be a collector of eclectic items, including the bones of the Elephant Man.

Johnny Depp is also known for collecting bones as well as Barbie dolls. He said he bought many for his daughter and then used them to try out different voices. Even after she grew up he didn’t want to get rid of them and even added to the collection.

Nicolas Cage allegedly collects skulls from all sorts of animals. Some reports suggest he even owns a 67 million-year-old dinosaur skull.

Furry Friends

Ask any shelter about hoarding and they’ll tell you how easy it is to go from helping one or two furry friends to having dozens of them. We really only hear about the people who do it badly and cause legal problems for themselves.

Then there are people like Paris Hilton who admits to having between 10 and 20 at anytime – but at least she has the space and the ability to keep them fed and sheltered. Some travel with her, like the purse-sized chihuahuas, but others stay at home. She and her pets were recently profiled, and it was revealed that the dogs live in a $325,000 pooch mansion, complete with bedrooms, bedding, a balcony and more.

Piles of Paperwork

One of the advantages of going digital is that will reduce the volume of paperwork for various documents and correspondence. This can be great news for people who have a hard time getting rid of documentation for anything and everything. Lisa Kudrow is one star who admits she has had problems getting rid of paper records from her past, which can include copies of faxes, day planner pages, and other documents that may have been important at the time but really aren’t so anymore.

A Celebrity Hoarder Horror Story

Of course, today’s document keeps pale in comparison to a classic celebrity hoarder story of the past. When people talk about celebrities collecting junk, New York socialites and brothers Homer and Langley Collyer often come to mind. They disappeared from public view in the 1920s after their parents died, but neighbors found their bodies in 1947, both literally buried in debris that included bundles of newspapers, machines, and various animal bones.

Live rats infested the home. Furthermore, the two men apparently set booby traps to keep people away from their stuff.

For those of use who are not celebrities and can’t afford to keep all of our clutter forever, fear not. Contact Fast Haul for a free quote to responsibly dispose of your junk today!