For 2012, we are starting this Blog, which we called “Eco Blog: dedication to Green Hauling”. We will regularly post some of our thoughts and experiences with hauling and properly disposing of people’s junk and trash, as well as share our opinion on various environmental issues.
This is something that has always been a concern of ours, since our inception 20 years ago.
Fast Haul was founded in 1993. At the time, I had just moved from Ohio to California. I had come to live with my brother in the Oakland Hills when the Great Oakland Fire of October 20th 1991 struck. My brother’s house, like many others, was burnt out during the fire, and we were forced into living at several temporary housing locations. In the meantime, we also helped out with the cleaning up of all the debris and I saw firsthand the need for hauling services, not only because of the debris from the fire but also from the amount of junk and trash people keep piling up in their yards and garages.
Since I had to start everything over anyway, I used a FEMA grant to buy my first truck and start working and getting paid for hauling people’s junk away. Fast Haul was born.

But I soon realized that if people only cared about getting rid of all their junk, it was up to me, the hauler, to make sure all that junk was properly disposed of. There were few hauling businesses at the time, but I quickly understood that most of them would just drive to a deserted area and dump their load, without any regard for the nature of what they were throwing away or the damage caused to the environment. Since I, on the other hand, have always been environment conscious, I decided that I work this way so I came up with a system to sort out what could be salvaged and given to charities as well as a fair pricing system including any cost I may have to pay to access regulated dump sites and recycling facilities.
Fast Haul has been an advocate of “green hauling” ever since and over the years, we’ve always made a point to recycle and re-use as much as possible, and regularly donated to various green charities and environmental organizations.